New AI Powered Technology can help in Detection of Depression

July 19, 2021 | 2 minutes read

The new AI-powered Emotional analysis technology will aid in the diagnosis of mental health conditions such as anxiety, stress, and depression through video calls.

AI emotion analysis technology will be managed over the next two years in a program aimed at more than 4,300 seniors in Singapore.  

With the utilization of AI technology, reactions, and facial expressions are captured on the video. Afterwards, the videos are analysed by the software to process the mental state of the person. Then,the heat maps give the details about the  person’s positive and negative emotions 

Opsis Emotion AI, CEO and co-founder Andrew Ow which developed this software, said:

“The objective is to assist healthcare professionals deal more effectively with mental health issues in people who are suffering in silence. With this tool, we could help prevent behavioural and psychological deterioration, and improve quality of life”

He further elaborated that this software can aid in the detection of early signs and warnings of suicidal tendencies. Thus helping the healthcare professionals in the early detection of mental health issues via tele-counselling.

Oposis is recently working with the two public hospitals specialising in neuroscience in Singapore and also with the six social service agencies to assist the mental health care professionals in the identification of not only depression and anxiety. But in the detection of cognitive decline, psychosis, hallucinations and pain. This technology can also be helpful for spreading awareness among people regarding their emotions, pain, anxiety,and depression.

Although this program will be piloted for the next two years, it is significant for  Singapore as by 2030 one in four Singaporean will be 65 years old. In this regard, this system can be beneficial to the Singaporean health care system in maintaining the mental health of elderly citizens.

Since 2003, technologies which analyse facial expressions are present around us. But the AI emotion analysis technology is quite advantageous, as it will serve the healthcare industry. Right now the scope of this technology is limited to Singapore, but upon success, it can serve the health systems all around the globe.