MOONHUB Offering VR Training Experience To Companies Nets Funding of $2.6M

April 25, 2022 | 2 minutes read

For a fully immersive workplace training experience, the Virtual Reality (VR) Startup MOONHUB ropes funding of $2.6M.

To make the lethargic workplace training process interesting and more participatory a Virtual reality startup MOONHUB steered an investment of $2.6 million.  In its seed funding, some of the robust investors of the industry such as Ada Ventures, and 1818 Venture capital took part. With the inclusion of numerous angel investors, however, the round was led by VC firm Pi Labs.

MOONHUB  with the motive to fight poor quality training offers companies to enter a new era of virtual reality. It is no doubt that this company is bound to make fortune from its technology.  Mainly because of the expedited utility of VR as well as augmented reality in almost every sector of society such as healthcare, education, and eCommerce etc. 

Besides Mark Zuckerberg betting everything on the Metaverse dream has also bestowed strength to this industry. Giving it the ability to grow at the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.1% reaching the value of $10.15 billion by end of this year.

Moreover, MOONHUB’s magnificent and magical technology of digitally simulating lifelike scenarios creates a 360-degree learning environment. Another facility offered by the startup which helped it in gaining traction with companies around Europe is its dashboards.

Yes, the VR startup’s dashboard catches the real-time performance data for managers. In short, providing an analytical performance overview to organizations thus helping to streamline data-driven solutions.

VR startup Moon Hub team
MoonHub Founders. Image Credits:

Founded in 2016, by the team of young founders Dami Hastru, Vinh Ly, and Hannah Sutcliffe. The startup’s VR solution has the ability to work alongside the company’s learning management system.

However the company dreams to grow more as CEO Dami stated the company’s clear focus on making VR technology an essential part of every industry. 

“Our patent being filed five years ago shows that MOONHUB has always had a laser-focused vision on what VR training in the workplace should look like. As we grow our client list and move to expand our off-the-shelf training library, we’re thrilled to grow our team in our pursuit to solidify ourselves as a go-to name in the VR training space.”

MOONHUB has some prestigious clients such as Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Royal Opera House, Rawbank, Sports Interactive, and more.