To offer new financial planning services and launch crypto investment, Moneybox nabs £35 Million to grow its customer base

April 05, 2022 | 2 minutes read

Fintech startup Moneybox ropes in £35 Million for its saving and investment platform to offer a host of new financial services. 

Founded in 2015, the London-based fintech startup is co-founded by Ben Stanway. Investment and saving platform Moneybox raised investment in a Series D funding round from Fidelity to boost its operations and launch crypto investment. The new funding is raised with the aim of growing the customer base by introducing customers to a host of new financial planning services. 

Since the Series B funding in 2018, Fidelity powered Moneybox. However, the new funding round received participation from Polar Capital and other financial investors in the market. 

How Moneybox is helping people?

Moneybox is helping people by offering scores of financial services that help them to save, invest, and make big-ticket purchases such as homes for meeting their societal needs. 

Co-founded Ben Stanway shared:

“Our mission is to help people build wealth with confidence so they can enjoy life today and tomorrow. This new round of investment enables us to create even better services to help our customers succeed across their home-buying, retirement, savings, and investing missions,” 

Counting over 800,000 customers and around 300 employees, Moneybox funding will be used to grow the customer base. Moreover, it will also be used to build the Moneybox brand, introduce new financial planning services, launch crypto-investing, and add a broad range of EFTs. 

However, with an approach to meet the financial concerns of customers in an easy manner, financial companies are integrating fintech technology to offer ease to their customers. As every finance company is now finding a way to offer an incredible online banking experience to customers, fintech technology is becoming an important need for every industry. 

“Moneybox is at a significant inflection point in its journey and this next chapter of growth will see them introduce new unique investment solutions helping to support millions as they save for the future.” says Alokik Advani.