Meet World’s First Reputation Management Solution Called Consumer Fusion

March 09, 2022 | 6 minutes read

Consumer Fusion is the only All-in-One Reputation Management Solution that specializes in removing illegitimate negative reviews.

The company has removed over 60,000 negative reviews for businesses all across the web, in every major industry.  They provide companies with the tools they need to monitor the brand’s online reputation and to keep their brand’s information consistent across all major search directories.

Consumer Fusion is quite a relevant AI technology-based startup for businesses. Because of the ever-expanding online consumers. And as per stats, 88% of consumers put as much trust in online reviews as they do in personal recommendations.

Invonews sat down with Brynn Gibbs the CEO of Consumer Fusion to see how Consumer Fusion works. And how illegitimate and fake comments can affect businesses.

Hey Brynn Gibbs !!

Tell us about Consumer Fusion?

Consumer Fusion is an all-in-one reputation management solution. It helps businesses that are unfairly victimized by inappropriate/ illegitimate negative online reviews. 80% of people say a negative review has deterred them from choosing a business, and when the reviews are fake, this unfairly affects businesses. 

Our team works tirelessly and relentlessly to clean things up for our clients. Our record is to remove the illegitimate Google review on our 28th dispute attempt. 

“We do not give up because we know how important a business’s online reputation is.”

We want to grasp the idea behind the name Consumer Fusion? What was the approach or idea behind?

Our platform allows our clients to manage their social media accounts and Online Reputation from one central place streamlining how they engage and respond to customers. Our vision has always been to streamline and simplify this process for our clients.

Tell us about yourself Brynn where are you from? Your journey… and why did you choose to become an entrepreneur?

Consumer Fusion was founded in 2013.  

Initially, I started helping close family friends with the removal of negative comments and fake reviews for their businesses. And from that Consumer Fusion blossomed into the leader in removing fake and illegitimate negative reviews.  We have worked with over  60 online review sites. 

And from a very young age, I developed an interest in Reputation Management. Being a victim of cyberbullying as a teenager and having first-hand experience of fake & defamatory content online and the harm it causes. I decided to have consumer fusion.

Right now, Consumer Fusion is a very successful company and we have been awarded one of the top INC 5000 and The Startup Weekly Software Companies to Watch 2021

What hurdles you had to face in establishing your startup? Like how did you hire your team etc? And at that time did you prefer offshore developers or in house?

I always tell people who ask about struggles I have faced that they need to expect hurdles daily. There will always be something to overcome. But in general, entrepreneurs thrive off in overcoming challenges. 

As far as hiring is concerned,  I looked for “problem solvers”. I made sure to find team members who would help me face hurdles.

 How do you think Consumer Fusion is different from others present in the market?

We are the only company that disputes inappropriate negative reviews and photos for removal. 

“Our AI tool screens the content of a negative review to tell us if it violates different directories guidelines and provides the probability for its removal. We are not just software, our team will help remove the content that violates guidelines on top social and directory sites.”


bryn gibbs ceo consumer fusion
Brynn Gibbs CEO Consumer Fusion

As an entrepreneur what do you think is one thing a startup should have in order to succeed?

A clear vision of short and long-term goals for the new business.  I have a short-term vision board and a long-term one and I consistently stay in tune with them.

For a startup getting funding is difficult. How did you secure funding for your startup?

Consumer Fusion is bootstrapped and has never taken outside funding. In the beginning, I was doing the work and slowly reinvested every dollar I was making to develop our enterprise platform. 

Our business model is subscription-based and as our clientele grew we were able to invest more in development.

Last year, Consumer Fusion was named as one of America’s fastest-growing private companies–the inc. 5000? First of all congratulations? Tell us about this?

Consumer Fusion is honored and proud to have made the prestigious list – twice. The brand’s continuous growth and success is due to our teamwork, customer service, and dedication to our clients. 

We are passionate about what we do and who we do it for

When I opened your website I saw The Only All-In-One-Reputation Management Tool? Here.. would you like to elaborate on what is reputation management? And what are the tools you use for this purpose?

Consumer Fusion is more than just Software as a service. We provide review alerts, review generation, and owner’s responses to reviews. But we are the only company that will take the extra manual step to remove inappropriate content.

You have a startup based on AI technology. In your view where do you see AI in the next five years? And what is your opinion regarding ethical AI?

AI is going to become more powerful and relevant. There is so much AI already in our day-to-day lives and this technology is going to expand. In regards to ethical AI consumers definitely need to pay attention to how AI evolves and how it affects us.

What was the most difficult moment you faced while establishing Consumer Fusion?

Not accepting outside funding while developing and updating our platform over the years. The development was definitely a slower process. But I am happy to have full control over the business. 

Do you plan each and every step in your life or do you just prefer to go with the flow?

I absolutely plan every step but I do like to be spontaneous in my personal life whenever possible.

Where do you see Consumer Fusion in the next five years?

It is my goal to triple the company size in the next 5 years. While also continuing to be a leader in Reputation Management. I plan to incorporate more AI into our platform.

Tech industry is male-dominated. What do you think are the common challenges faced by women in the tech industry? Or as a woman tell us about the difficulties you had to face?

While there has been a large improvement, I think the biggest challenge that women in tech face is breaking the barrier into the c-suite. It is great to hire women in entry-level roles, but those women also need to be promoted and allowed to grow and be role models for other younger women in tech. 

As women rise up in the ranks, they tend to see fewer women representation. C-Suite executives need to be cognizant of the various people they surround themselves with. And actively understand the importance of diverse voices and promote people on the basis of achievement regardless of gender.