Meet Stephen Weyman Genius Behind creditcardGenius

January 21, 2022 | 6 minutes read

creditcardGenius is an advanced credit card comparison tool that aims to end all the guesswork out of finding the right credit card. Canadian startup founded in 2016, with its math-based algorithm combining more than 126 credit card features with users’ personalized preferences produces the unique score. This score helps the users in making the appropriate choice.

The creditcardGenius rating and ranking is based on every aspect of the card – including fees, interest rates, insurance coverage, and your likelihood of approval. InvoNews this week caught up with the genius behind creditcardGenius Stephen Weyman to know how he came up with this idea and how creditcardGenius is making the lives of its users easy.

Hey, Stephen tell InvoNews about yourself?

I’m the founder and creator of two popular Canadian personal finance sites, creditcardGenius, and HowToSaveMoney. We just launched the first credit card-focused extra cashback program, GeniusCash.

I’m a huge credit card and money nerd personally and love to help others get ahead with their own finances, which is why my team, and I are hard at work each day, striving towards our mission of making money easy and fun for  everyone.

Creditcard Genius is such a unique platform…how did you come up with the idea of developing CreditcardGenius?

It all started with my father introducing me to responsible credit card use at the young age of 16 and then attempting to pay my own way through university without collecting any debt. My desire to save money while still exploring the world led me to the discovery of credit card rewards. It didn’t take long until I started trying to get maximum rewards value for every dollar I spent on my cards and every point I redeemed. Soon I was traveling the world and saving thousands on flights and accommodations.

When I launched HowToSaveMoney in 2010, I created a massive spreadsheet with advanced computations to rank Canadian credit cards in my blog articles. That spreadsheet became the foundation of the creditcardGenius algorithm. As a software developer by trade, I always wanted to make a truly dynamic credit card matchmaker, and in 2017 I finally had the small team and resources to make it happen.

Explain the “how”?

The “how we do it” comes from our persistence which is baked into our culture. We never give up and constantly challenge ourselves to evolve and improve and tackle bigger problems than teams our size are normally not able to solve. That’s something I’m really proud of.

Tell us about your team? Are most of them local, or do you hire around the globe?

We have a 100% Canadian team but are a fully remote organization as of early 2020. Our foundations were in remote work, but we briefly went through a stint where we opened an office and tried to hire locally. We decided once COVID hit that we would be able to keep our people safer working from home, we’d likely be more productive doing it, our costs would go down, and we’d likely be able to build a stronger overall team. So, that’s what we did. That said, we still love to hire Atlantic Canadians as much as possible because we’re based out of New Brunswick.

What is the most important thing you believe is essential for a startup to succeed?

Relentless action and a determination to succeed can’t be stifled. If you’re determined to be the best at something, you’re almost guaranteed to be either the best or at least very good because the rest of the world won’t even bother to try or will give up after the first few setbacks.

Tell us about the difficulties you faced while running and starting a startup?

Running a startup is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and that includes raising kids as a hands-on dad, dealing with disease and tragic losses in my life, and many more things. I can’t overstate how hard doing this is. I don’t think there is anyone difficulty I could point out. Running a startup is willing to wade into an endless sea of difficulties every day and make as much progress as possible. It’s extremely rewarding when you succeed, but the failures and mental challenges are many and often.

How are you different from other players in the market?

creditcardGenius is the only fully algorithm-based ranking and matchmaking system on the market. We crown the best Canadian credit cards across 25+ categories each year, and our algorithm chooses all the winners. Everyone else uses an editorial or manual ranking process. That means consumers can trust that our rankings have very little bias. We also look at 126+ ranking factors, whereas most others compare surface rewards.

InvoNews covers startups and highlights the struggles entrepreneurs went through to make their startups successful. Tell us about the hurdles you had to face in establishing your startup?


It all comes down to the need to learn everything about running a business and starting from scratch. We had very few advisers along the way and had to figure most things out ourselves. Competition in our niche is also very fierce, with most similar companies having dozens or hundreds of employees. We’ve gone toe to toe with them with only 5-10 staff for most of the years we’ve been in business.

On top of that, we bootstrapped everything in the very small Canadian market using the money we earned through HowToSaveMoney to fund the development of creditcardGenius and reinvested most of our revenue back into the future growth. It’s a slower, more methodical process than getting a pile of cash from investors and trying to launch with a very limited runway. Being profitable from the beginning was always very important to us. We wanted to create something real and sustainable that wasn’t just going to crash and burn as most other startups do.

Tell us about the magic moment when you came up with the idea of establishing creditcardGenius Share your startup’s recent success with us?

Our most recent success is the launch of GeniusCash and our Tesla Giveaway. This has been a big win for us because now we can reward consumers with extra cashback for completing their credit card application through us. Having launched a couple of months ago, we’ve already paid GeniusCash to nearly 1,000 Canadians, and the pace is accelerating every month.

Do you plan each and every step in your life, or do you just prefer to go with the flow?

I’m a very detailed oriented, organized, and efficient person, but running a startup is so chaotic that I’ve had to abandon always having a hard and fast plan. I’ve become much more adaptable and flexible in the most organized way possible. After about a decade of evolving myself, I’m nearly there 🙂

Where do you see creditcardGenius in the next five years?

Our goal is to become the #1 money resource for Canadians when making any financial decision. We’re well on our way there, but there is still a lot of room for growth!