Meet Start Up Fuzey, A Digital One Stop Shop For Small Businesses

December 17, 2021 | 2 minutes read

A London-based StartUp Fuzey is a digital one-stop-shop that helps businesses manage their appointments, and streamline their payments subsequently helping them in increasing their reviews.

The aim of the startup is to digitize the manual tasks for small businesses like gathering all messages of startups in one box,  booking appointments, sending or receiving payments, and analyzing the analytics by overseeing the month’s performance. It also digitizes the invoices which are done manually on paper. In short, it brings together communication, payments, marketing, and calendars into one dashboard.

The digital one stop shop enables users to communicate with their customers via a variety of methods from messaging to social media whilst also generating invoices for instant payments and insights into lead generation. The company also offers document templates and one-click customer reviews to make the process of leaving a review easier and efficient. The company started its operations in the month of June and has a workforce of 10 employees. It is working right now in Canada, U.S., and Europe and is seeing double-digit growth in over month, both in revenue and month. The founders of the startup are Alex Boyce and Henrik Lysgaard Jensen met two years ago and shared the same view of the digitization of small businesses. 

The UK is the bulging market of small businesses and these small businesses are increasingly in need of automation of their manual operations for increasing their efficiency. This has led to the development of on-demand custom software development and also tools that can help them in increasing their businesses by automating their desired tasks.

This is also one of the main reason that startup has caught the eye of investors. Fuzey announced  $4.5 million in seed funding and appreciated the support of investors and said in its press release As we embark on our next chapter, we’re delighted to have the support of world-class investors, including founders, Global Founders Capital, Ascension, as well as Stephane Kurgan (Venture Partner at Index Ventures) and Sheel Tyle (Founder and CEO of Amplo VC). In addition, we’re deeply grateful for the ongoing participation from Flash Ventures, who have been with us since day one.”

Story Credits: Tech Crunch