MedTech App Inflow That Aids People In Managing Their ADHD Nets Seed Funding of €2M

January 21, 2022 | 3 minutes read

The UK-founded science-based MedTech app that assists people suffering from ADHD  has gathered funding of €2M.

The worldwide prevalence of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is 6.76% and approximately 5% in children and adolescents all around the globe.  People with this condition face a hard time remembering things, managing complexities, and following through.

But people with ADHD face unique challenges especially when trying to access support. Involving long waiting periods and expensive treatments. But a Medtech app called Inflow that aids people in managing their ADHD has recently gathered funding of €2M.

The startup has also gathered funding from Hoxton Ventures led by Y combinator 21 startup’s round with the US-based Route 66 Ventures. There are also some other prominent angel investors which are backing the company including addiction digital clinic Quit Genius (Yusuf Sherwani, Maroof Ahmed, Sarim Siddiqui), and the CEO of legal services chatbot DoNotPay, Joshua Browder. 

Medical technology (MedTech) has brought new products and devices that mainly aid people to survive. This is one of the main reasons that the MedTech market is expected to increase by $603.5 Million. And investors seeing this exponential growth are steering their investments towards this industry. The Medtech industry has essentially aided in the growth of the healthcare industry too. This has also led to the development of healthcare apps and software. 

The Medtech startup Inflow is based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), proven to be quite effective in the management of ADHD. The app provides exercises, challenges, and tools that enable the users to make small changes in their everyday life at their own pace. The app also helps people looking for support for ADHD.  

The MedTech app was founded in London in 2020 by Seb Isaacs, Levi Epstein, and leading ADHD expert Dr. George Sachs. This is an app built for and by people with ADHD. This neurodiverse team of leading coaches and clinicians is offering this powerful alternative that is a sustainable, cost-effective, and accessible solution.

“We knew we could simplify the ADHD care process and reach millions of underserved people living with ADHD” commented Inflow co-founder Seb Isaacs. “Inflow can offer immediate, affordable, and on-demand support in ways our burdened mental health system simply cannot. There’s no waitlist, no need for a referral, no complicated intake process. Inflow is here and ready whenever you are.”

The startup is quite helpful for its users because Inflow was created by a team of clinicians and coaches many of whom also spent their life with ADHD. Their experience with this disorder has also helped them in the creation of effective strategies.

This app helps users to handle their ADHD in just 5 minutes. It also offers users the support of the ADHD stigma-free community, live events with ADHD experts, prioritization tools with the inclusion of interactive journals.

MedTech app will utilize this funding to expand its current team and also unveil additional tools and services.

Last year in December another  MedTech startup Hedia raised funding of €3 million with the aim to control diabetes.