Martech Startup Zinklar Taps €5.5M To Equip Brands With Greater Insights

July 13, 2022 | 2 minutes read

Barcelona-based Martech startup Zinklar nabs €5.5 million to boost its insights automation platform.

Spain’s Martech Zinklar , which provides critical information about customer needs and preferences to help businesses strategize their decision making nets funding of €5.5 million.  In a round led by Caixa Capital Risc- supported by new investors including Beacon Capital as well as Full Global Investments, EASO Ventures and  CDTI Innvierte.

The reason of this support from investors is because of the unprecedented challenges businesses face nowadays.  Especially, in terms of assessing the shifts in consumer behavior in this difficult era of liquidity constraints. The big data startup as well as Martech startups can help each and every sector from fintech to ecommerce in realizing the real need of customers.

Also,  saving businesses from financial losses as customer experience mindset  can drive 4-8% higher revenue. This mindset  can be assessed from customer behavior and pattern extracted from big data which is essentially gathered by companies.

Zinkler  with its automation ability, was founded by Jordi Ferrer and Borja Ormaechea. According to Zinkler, via its platform the companies can tap into 140 million consumers over 80 markets and offer in depth knowledge to identify efficient segmentation. Plus can create and run more meaningful and productive advertising campaigns and launch new products. It also allows businesses to establish conversations with customers to gain greater insights.

Jordi Ferrer, founder and CEO at Zinklar said:

“Our vision is any professional from any company can access the best consumer insights at any moment, without having to be an expert, turning them into consumer-centric organisations.”

Surprisingly, Zinklar automation makes the whole process streamlined as well as optimized. The Martech startup claims that companies are able to generate 15x more research projects with the same resources.

Zinkler is bound to grow more with such an innovative solution and this fresh injection of funds will help it expand globally. Facilitating businesses in Europe as well as Latin America particularly in the US.

Currently, the Martech startup  is available in 80 countries.