Martech Startup Stllr Networks Nets Undisclosed Amount of Funding And Aims To Expand

July 21, 2022 | 2 minutes read

Egypt’s Martech Startup Stllr Network nets six figures from 500 Global, Women Spark and Falak Angels.

Marketers all around the globe have been using martech software to execute their marketing activities.  Subsequently,  the per se startups all around the globe have recently witnessed huge amounts of investments diverted towards them.

Recently, martech startups like StoryChief, and Ziklar have fetched funding. And now there is a new startup in the town called Stllr Network which has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from 500 Global, and angel investors through Women Spark and Falak Angels. With the inclusion of backers from KSA Ministry of Investment, ex-Microsoft and Oracle leaders, Accenture, Emkan and Digital Cooperation organization.

Launched in 2021, by Nouran Ghannam and Ahmed Mustafa-Stllr has a plug and play marketing model  which helps experimenting in different campaigns like SEO, media buying, and social media etc.

It aims to become the MENA’s largest network of vetted marketing talent who are nominated to projects, introduced to others and access to larger projects, businesses, enterprises in contrast to traditional freelancing.

The startup’s beta version has some of the famous customers such as Zid, TikTok MENA, Ministry of Education and Nagwa, Hesas Misr- a semi-governmental initiative by almentor, as well as various e-commerce stores, in Egypt and KSA. Stllr claims that it has achieved over 1M in sales for one month, and 5x monthly orders for another.

CEO Nouran Ghannam regarding the potential present in the martech  industry said:

“There is an untapped potential of teams in the marketing industry, but the best teams are formed on their own through the network. This model is the first of its kind in the world, and only in a community-based region like ours, is it the best place to start. Thirty-four per cent of all experts in the network come through referrals by someone already in the network. They can build and manage their own teams through Stllr’s technology. It’s social. We doubled our talent pool in 2022 just through the network.”

Stllr Network has launched packages for partners, and with this fresh injection of funds the martech  startup aims to expand in Saudi Arabia and GCC. Also, wants to decentralize its network and hire local talent.

Martech industry is on exponential rise-as per stats the market is expected to grow to $89.85 billion by 2025.