Martech Startup Cello Nets €2.3M To Build Its User-Led Growth Platform

September 22, 2022 | 2 minutes read

Munich based Martech startup Cello gathers €2.3M  to help SaaS companies grow via power of word of mouth.

Martech tool Cello with the pursuit to unleash the power of word of  mouth  nabs funds of €2.3 million in a pre-seed round. Led by byFounders, with the participation from Tiny VC, Possible ventures and Notion Capital. Also, including operator angels from McMakler,Personio, Youtube, and others.

The amalgamation of technology with the marketing has created a whole new world of Martech. Some of the famous startups which are transforming the landscape of marketing with their innovative tech solutions are StoryChief, Zinklar and Stllr. And now Cello, being pioneer in the creation of user led growth platform  in a new category of growth strategies is here to bring the next evolution in customer acquisition.

Cello: Facilitating SaaS

Cello reimagines the incentivized referrals in SaaS by privately rewarding users with a percentage of all net revenue (MRR) they refer. This new approach to recurring commissions results in fraud prevention, a zero payback period and positive return on investment.

Transforming The Word-of-Mouth

It also enables the SaaS companies to transform word-of-mouth into a valuable acquisition channel. By supporting every company whether it is product or sales-driven. In addition to also, facilitating SaaS companies to add  new ROI positive, scalable channel in hours rather than months, with no operational overhead to manage.

Founded in 2022 by Stefan Bader and Robert Colletti, the startup is passionate to help businesses in harnessing their most passionate users to drive word-of-mouth growth at scale. With just a few clicks, any SaaS product can be shared and discovered.

Plan With Funds

The company will use the funds to expand market share in Europe and North America. It also claims to have rapid growth, with a founding team of serial entrepreneurs and veterans from Typeform, Twilio and Pitch.