Logistics Tech Startup Shipsta Nets $10M To Pull Supply Chains Out Of Chaos Amid Ukraine-Russia War

April 01, 2022 | 2 minutes read

Luxembourg-based logistics tech startup SHIPSTA with an aim to make logistics digitized gathers funding of $10M.

SHIPSTA, the platform which connects shippers with carriers, controls transportation costs and provides full visibility to the supply chain ropes funding of $10M. The platform raised funding in a round led by Tricap Investment, with the participation of Co-founder and CEO Slync.io. Chris Kirchner.

The startup wants to solve the supply chain problems with the help of its efficient platform. Especially, in midst of the Russia-Ukraine war leading to soaring global fuel prices,  thus shaking the very edifice of industry.

Indubitably, making supply chain innovation one of the gigantic concerns of businesses in today’s time, that’s why VCs have opened their wallets for the startups belonging to this section. Other than SHIPSTA the startups around the world for transformation of the shipping industry have also received huge funding. Such as Naqla recently gathered $10.5M,  Freterium caught funding of $4M, and with a greener logistics approach, BigBlue raised $15M.

Now SHOPISTA entering the fray was founded by Christian Wilhelm, Stefan Maratzki, and Oliver Ritzmann. This freight and procurement player facilitates its consumers in multiple ways. Such as automating all the tasks by bringing the power of digitization and rich data to freight procurement teams. In addition to this, it helps businesses to quickly calculate transport costs, audit invoices, and determine the ideal mode of transport with the facility of a freight calculator.

logistic tech startup Shipsta
SHIPSTA Team. Image Credits: SHIPSTA Blog

The efficiency, this platform can bring to logistics by ending the ongoing disruptions, the CEO of SHIPSTA David Waroquier said:

-“Enterprises now recognize that they need to be far more agile and responsive to these pressures. The ongoing logistics disruptions have in effect sparked a huge wave of digitalization in logistics.”-

With more than 2100 users, in 18 different countries, the startup now wants to navigate social expansion with this fresh injection of funds. Plus, wants to utilize this money on making its technology better. The startup has some big clients under its umbrella. Whilst sharing about the clients Waroquier said

-“Since we launched in 2019, we already have over 100 enterprise clients, a third of which are Fortune 500 companies.”-