LinkedIn Has Released Set of New E-Commerce Tools

October 05, 2021 | 2 minutes read

LinkedIn has outlined marketing tools and strategies to attract advertisers.

LinkedIn has recently shared the set of new E-Commerce tools and strategies to woo the businesses. The platform also unveiled the evolving advertising strategies which marketers can utilize to connect with the right audience.

This move by LinkedIn can be termed as its first step in entering the E-Commerce market. As the company released a number of strategies for marketers. Like LinkedIn Audience Network (LAN),  that can increase the reach of the product up to 25% among active users. Other than this, it laid out the number of advertising opportunities to attract the brands. Such as the sponsored content where advertisers can use “single image ads”  to grab the user’s attention. Also, carousel cards, which are swipeable series of cards where advertisers can tell various features of their product, and lastly the video advertisements.

Another notable feature was sponsored messaging where the marketers can collect quality leads by using forms that are pre-filled with LinkedIn profile data. In addition to this, the marketers and advertisers can initiate conversations with the professionals and can also send messages to their potential customers.

Linkedin showing off its range of new E-Commerce tools can be considered as a move to enter the E-Commerce market. LinkedIn released these tools at the end week of September. As last month many other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok entered the E-Commerce market with a range of new E-Commerce tools.

The E-Commerce industry has seen incessant growth especially after the pandemic which has also led to the development of E-Commerce platforms on the large scale. The E-Commerce industry is growing continuously and by the end of this year the market is expected to reach the value of  $4.921 trillion