Lendis Announces €80 Million In Series A Funding Round For Its SaaS Solution

January 21, 2022 | 2 minutes read

A Saas solution that helps the companies to manage and set up their employees’ equipment and software in the hybrid world has raised €80 Million.

Hybrid working especially in times of pandemic has increased. As per stats,  63% of the high-growth companies use hybrid work models.

Young hybrid models and solutions are being developed and introduced by innovators every single day to make it easier for companies to streamline their tasks and workflows. Lendis a European startup that aims to help companies to set up their employee equipment and software in the hybrid working world has announced a hefty amount of investment from prominent investors.

The SaaS solution participated in Series A funding led by Circularity Capital and Keen Venture Partners, supported by coparion, HGDF, and KPN Ventures. Existing investors HV Capital, DN Capital, and Picus Capital participate as well. The round is structured with €30 million in equity and €50 million in debt. 

The startup allows the companies to digitally set up and manage all their work equipment and software. It is one-stop-shop access to all the inventory the companies require from Macbooks. With a subscription-based rental modal it helps SMEs to reduce their expenses.

In addition to all this, Lendis also handles the delivery, installation of equipment, repairs, on-site replacement, redistribution, and collection. It also helps the customers keep track and manage equipment across multiple locations. The flexible service is also giving a sustainable and eco-friendly way to source office equipment.

The sudden shift in hybrid work has sculpted huge organizational challenges for companies. From offboarding and onboarding to the management of employees especially the remote ones. However, there are startups that help the companies in the hiring process like Recruitary or Advantage club which helps retain employee engagement. But the technological solutions which can manage employees are still very few and Lendis aims to fill this void.

Lendis claims that it has facilitated almost 1,000 companies and over 100,000 employees. In 2020, due to strict Covid19 lockdowns all around the globe the company successfully doubled its revenue.

SaaS startups are becoming increasingly popular as recently SaaS-based startup Spectaflow gathered funding of 1.7 million Euros.