Learnoverse, World’s First Blockchain Powered Crypto Learning Metaverse Lures $1M

June 06, 2022 | 3 minutes read

Vilnius situated Learnoverse  the world’s first blockchain powered Crypto nets $1M to revolutionize the world of crypto learning.

To further develop its Metaverse based product Learnoverse, the blockchain powered online education platform BitDegree has raised $1M. The platform with an aim to offer a creative and user-engaging way to learn received this investment from Japan/ Singapore-based Mistletoe.

Learnoverse aims to offer a creative and user-engaging way to learn about blockchain, crypto and web3-related technologies within web3 technology. Furthermore, the startup with an aim to become #1 crypto educator has a mission to provide crypto education for the crypto community with crypto tools. And Metaverse is the culmination of what the startup has built until now.

Learnoverse is different and quite interesting concept, as it allows the profile the users will own to automatically become an NFT avatar that they can personalize with enhancement NFTs and when they will roam through the world they have created- it will represent their crypto specialties.

Learnoverse by Bit degree
Image Credits: AIN.capital

Furthermore, the world’s first blockchain powered crypto learning metaverse is creating a virtual world, by presenting a visual content map that transforms the learning experience into an exciting journey. Plus, creating an exciting demand for the best location, increasing its value.

By effectively utilizing the gamification model BitDegree’s Learnoverse will offer students, educators and brands, the opportunity to interact and share their knowledge and status through NFTs whilst BitDegree’s new concept in education, Learn and Earn will be used to motivate and reward students.

BitDegree Co-founder and CEO Danielius Stasiulis about the sudden surge of interest in the metaverse said:

“Over the last few months, our novel concept of a learning metaverse has received attention from a lot of big players in the crypto and education communities.”

Stasiulis is right in terms that large swathes of people are now learning the metaverse. Especially, after the rapid transformation of Facebook to meta. Also, subsequently leading towards the construction of many metaverse related startups such as Virtex, the football company and Tomorrow’s Education.

Moreover, in this year alone the global metaverse market is expected to reach at the value of $47.48 billion US dollars and in 2030 to $678.80 billion US dollars. This is one of the main reasons that new startups are popping in the metaverse landscape thus steering the interests of the investors towards themselves.

However Learnoverse being the crypto teaching platform posses huge potential in European markets as Misteltoe’s Atsushi Taira.

“BitDegree, a leading education platform for blockchain-focused topics, has a powerful vision to attract more learners to the space via an immersive metaverse experience.”