Kula, A Recruitment Automation Tool Nets $12M To Automate Outbound Hiring

August 31, 2022 | 2 minutes read

A recruitment automation tool Kula, nets $12M for product enhancement

Offering complete control, visibility and predictability to the entire talent pipeline, the US based startup Kula nets funding of $12M. In a round led by Sequoia Capital India and Peg Square Capital.

Recruitment Platforms Are Popular

Recruitment platforms all around the world  such as RecruitLab, Unboxable and Recruitary are becoming quite common. Mainly because of access to the top talent pool and management of the hiring process.

Also, including some of the features like  ability to construct a database of qualified resumes or applicant tracking system.  Assuredly, causing an increase in the development of HR mobile apps and platforms.

Kula: A Recruitment Automation Tool 

Kula now being a SaaS startup allows the recruiters to create automated workflows to continuously engage with candidates- thus saving recruiters time on repetitive tasks.

Furthermore, it allows the recruiters to bring candidates to one place, create sequenced emails for periodic reach outs and put talent engagement on auto-pilot. It enables them to communicate with  their candidates on whatever channel they prefer.

In addition to all this,  it offers filters for companies, locations, industry  and much more to ramp up the sourcing.  Such as  dynamic dashboard which helps  to replace dozens of spreadsheets, scribbled notes and personal anecdotes.

Founded by Suman Kumar Dey, Achuthanand Ravi and Sathappan Muthupalaniappan. The startup had previously raised US $2.7 million in its pre-seed  funding round. To the recently ended seed round, this brings the total funds raised by the firm to  US$14.7 million.

With this fresh investment, Kula will do the  R&D for product enhancement and create go-to market teams across its three offices in US, India and Singapore.

Achuthanand Ravi, Co-founder & CEO at Kula in regards to revolutionizing this field

“Almost all business functions have reinvented themselves in the past decade, except for recruiting. CEOs openly term recruitment as their competitive priority and yet the recruiters are functioning in 2022 with the tools of the 1990s.”