Kterio, The Leading Provider Of Data Driven Services For Real Estate Nabs $10M

August 30, 2022 | 2 minutes read

Providing Data Driven Services to the real estate industry,  Kterio the US, UK and Netherlands based SaaS company has completed $10M in a funding round. 

Helping building owners to manage their assets digitally, Kterio has completed  $10 million in a funding round led by  PropTech venture capital firm Round Hill Ventures.  Alongside real estate investment management firm, Brighton Ventures.

Recently with Kterio another Proptech that fetched huge amount of funding is Setle. However, Kterio with this fresh injection of fund plans to enhance its product and expand its sales and marketing departments.

The startup’s aim is to become a dominant player  for data driven services that work to reduce cost.  And investment will also fund to scale up  Kterio’s real estate SaaS business in North America and Europe.

Joe Stolarski, CEO of Kterio said:

“We are excited to have the support of Round Hill Ventures and Brighton Ventures as we look to scale our solutions to commercial and industrial markets across North America, the UK and Europe. We look forward to a long-term partnership, which will be critical to our success as we build a world-class company.”

With Kterio Manage Your Assets Digitally

Founded in 2020 by Larry Yogel- the startup’s  proprietary Building Digital Operating System (B-DOS) platform enables building managers and owners to digitally manage industrial and commercial assets. Significantly reducing operating costs and supporting ESG initiatives plus also addressing the inefficiencies in the management and maintenance of building physical assets.

SaaS Replacing Traditional Software Development Approach

Because of these tons of advantages the SaaS is replacing the traditional software development and purchase approach. In 2020 alone the SaaS industry generated the revenue of $105 billion. Clearly indicating that SaaS solutions development will be high in demand in the next coming years.

Measure: Monitor Their Buildings’ Assets In Real-time

Whereas, Kterio with a bright future ahead with its dynamic solution can help building owners monitor their buildings’ assets in real-time.  As well as benchmark the performance of various systems, plus identify operations, maintenance issues and take action accordingly.

Furthermore, the solution enhances the work of the building management staff and assists to make decisions that reduce the energy consumption.