Kiko Ventures Announces $450M To Back Transformative Cleantech Startups

June 23, 2022 | 2 minutes read

London-based Kiko Ventures raises $450M to support climate tech startups and create a regenerative future.

Kiko Ventures from London made an announcement of $450M fund boost to support and grow the climate-tech in the future. Kiko Ventures is launched by investment firm IP group which got ranked on FTSE 250. The cleantech team is led by veterans Robert Trezona and Jamie Vollbracht, alongside Arne Morteani (who spent 14 years developing in one of Europe’s cleantech VC funds). 

On contrary to the short time horizons, set financial limits, and particular mandates, Kiko Ventures is created to utilize the platform to adopt a more flexible approach. The primary goal of the startup is to enrich the existing ecosystem and become an ultimate reliable partner for building a regenerative future.

Founding partner of Kiko Venture Robert Trezona said:

“I believe in the transformative power of climate technologies and have worked my whole career to elevate ideas from the lab into practically usable solutions that can make our world a better place. We’ve launched Kiko to unleash the full power of human ingenuity by uniting ideas, expertise and capital to unlock a sustainable future. 

The global investment in cleantech VC reached  $40 billion in 2021 and particular events held during 2022 increased the momentum for sustainable technologies. As the ecosystem lags behind in terms of flexibility to optimally address the climate challenge, there is where Kiko Ventures fills the gap. 

Climate technology has become a growing trend that the companies are widely embracing to contribute towards a sustainable future. The surge in climate tech has given rise to scores of startups that are attracting great capital venture funding. 

Founding Partner of Kiko Ventures Arne Morteani said:

“The climate crisis is the greatest challenge of our generation and from that challenge come new and life-changing possibilities for a regenerative world. I have been a part of the cleantech ecosystem for 20 years, most recently as a partner at a traditional VC. With Kiko, we are now adding a new approach to providing flexible, regenerative capital to address some of the most difficult challenges. We strive to be an investor that is fit for purpose as well as profit.”

The team has made significant investments in the different high-conviction areas such as fuel cell firm Ceres Power, First Light Fusion, and Oxbotica.