iOS15 will give users the option to share data from their Health app directly

September 20, 2021 | 1 minutes read

With iOS 15, users will have the option to share data via the Health app directly with their doctors.

The iOS 15 is giving users the option to share data directly with their doctors from their Health app via electronic medical records.  In the initial launch, the six health record companies are participating and some of those companies are already stating that doctors and medical practitioners are eager to use this feature as reported by Verge. People who use this option can use a new sharing function on the health app thus enabling the doctors to know their heart rate and time spent on exercising.

This app is quite useful as it will aid the doctors to keep an eye on the metrics that might be useful in regards to patient health. Healthcare applications have become quite common as a study points out that the total spending on healthcare has reached 3.8 trillion $ with a 4.6% increase in the last year.

As iOS 15 is going to launch today, it is time that will determine that how much these apps will be useful for the users.