InvoZone Feels Honored To Sponsor Women’s Online Safety Hackathon – 2022

February 11, 2022 | 3 minutes read

InvoZone is thrilled to announce that it is sponsoring the Women’s Online Safety Hackathon by Google Women Tech Makers and We Over I. The Hackathon is a series of Community Training and Ideathons for the promotion of online safety awareness among females. The Hackathon will take place in Cue Cinema, Gulberg, Lahore on February 12th, 2022.

Furqan Aziz the CEO and Founder of InvoZone expressing his immense pleasure for InvoZone  becoming part of this initiative said:

“I am extremely delighted that InvoZone is the Diamond Sponsor of this prestigious Women’s Online Safety Hackathon. It is an extreme honor to be a part of this training session which focuses on empowering women in terms of ensuring  their online safety in this ever-changing and expanding virtual world.”

InvoZone being the staunch supporter of women’s inclusion in the tech sector is a patron of women thriving in online or offline space without the fear of getting harassed.  

In addition, we believe that there should be an introduction and integration of foolproof protocols that ensure and safeguard the female’s presence online. Thus, preventing any type of harassment and violence against women in the online space.

Women’s Online Safety Hackathon mirrors our stance on female workforce empowerment. It focuses on delivering online training and developing the tools to improve online safety for women. With active audience participation, the Hackathon seeks solutions that can aid in improving women’s safety online.

Moreover, to encourage true participant engagement, the event will distribute cash prizes among the top three teams with the most tangible solution on ensuring “Women’s Safety Online.” The winners, thus, will share their stories and solutions with Google on a global platform on how we can empower safe women presence in the virtual space. 

The Hackathon in relation to training people welcomes female mentors from diverse backgrounds like business development, sales, startup employees, and executives.

This dynamic event will have Gender Specialists, Female Tech Professionals,  Product Managers, Data Analytics, Data Scientists, and Software Engineers to share their experiences and insights on dealing with online harassment. 

Women’s Online Safety Hackathon is a commendable step and a giant leap towards the promotion of women’s security and safety online. 

Undoubtedly, these types of events have become the pressing need of the hour as drastic stats in front of us paint quite a gloomy picture. Recent figures from the Council of Europe indicated that 50% of women said they experience more online harassment than street harassment.

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