Clutch features InvoZone as Top Business Intelligence and Big Data Consultant Company

June 22, 2021 | 2 minutes read


DATE: 7/21/21

InvoZone featured as a top business intelligence and big data consulting company on Clutch

Clutch, a well-known platform that assists firms with B2B buying and hiring decisions, has listed InvoZone as a top business intelligence and big data consulting company. Clutch provides unbiased reviews conducted by clutch analysts to help businesses make the right decision in hiring reliable service providers.

The company reviews and lists B2B companies based on client reviews, company experience, data research, and market competition analysis, which is why the platform is trusted by millions of IT businesses world-wide. 

InvoZone has been providing big data consultancy services since the past 7 years, allowing businesses to improve their business outcomes. With a team of professionals holding experience in MPP database, Hadoop framework, machine learning, AI, cloud storage systems and other ground-breaking technologies, InvoZone helps businesses define their big data strategy tailored to their business goals and technology landscapes.

Other than this, InvoZone has also been featured among other popular review platforms including Selected Firms, Top Firms, App Futura, Good Firms, and more, for its top-of-the-line web and app solutions.

“Most businesses come to us when their businesses have almost reached death’s door; we help them stand back up again by having professionals and experts in every vertical. But those who don’t seek help eventually fail. My advice for everyone who is facing failure is to learn to delegate tasks to experts and do what you are best at.,” says Furqan Aziz, CEO at InvoZone.

InvoZone provides secure, scalable, and profitable solutions for businesses. Currently, the company has completed more than 200 projects and is continuously growing, working with clients from all over the globe.

About InvoZone 

With headquarters in Toronto, Canada, InvoZone aims to score the leading position as an outsourcing software development company. We provide services across multiple industries, and a wide set of solutions including web development, app development, UX/UI designing, quality assurance services, DevOps services, and more.  

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