InvoZone Employee Count hits 200

May 26, 2021 | 2 minutes read


DATE: 5/26/21

InvoZone reaches growth milestone – Employee count reaches 200

InvoZone, a leading provider of software, web, and app development services, is pleased to announce that its employee count has crossed 200 members. With a team of hard-working professionals and experienced individuals, InvoZone aims to reach new heights.

“My clients and employees are equally important to me. I let my team take the front seat by taking complete ownership of a project, encouraging them through allowing their ideas to be heard in brainstorming sessions- enabling us all to work as one as we push for our ultimate goal; finding the best solution possible for the client’s product.” said Furqan Aziz, CEO of InvoZone.

“But to make sure that clients get the best product, we always hire A+ grade players. Other than that we have a deep and 3-step (verification, validation, and quality assurance) process to ensure high-quality deliverables.” he further added.

Over the years, InvoZone has not only put effort in searching for talented individuals, but has also successfully provided exciting career opportunities to beginners, allowing them to excel in their career path and work with their seniors.

With 200+ projects under its belt and more than 7 years in the industry, InvoZone has been dedicated to developing top-quality and award winning web and app solutions for businesses from multiple industries. Our team of experts holds extensive knowledge in advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and Big Data.

About InvoZone

With headquarters in Toronto, Canada, InvoZone aims to score the leading position as an outsourcing software development company. We provide services across multiple industries, and a wide set of solutions including web development, app development, UX/UI designing, quality assurance services, DevOps services, and more.  

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