Insurtech Startup Orus Locks €5M To Boost SMEs Insurance

July 07, 2022 | 2 minutes read

The French insurtech startup with an aim to reinvent professional insurance for SMEs gathers funding of €5 million.

Paris based startup Orus, in just one year of its launch has raised €5 million with an aim to renovate professional insurance especially for SMEs. Providing its tailored insurance services for underserved players.

Recently like Orus other insurtech startups Insoore, Helvengo and Stoik have also fetched the funding.  Orus however has backing of some powerful investors such as Frst, Partech, Portage Ventures and around twenty angel investors.

With inclusion of Pierre-Olivier Desaulle (ex-CEO of Hiscox Europe), Raphaël Vullierme (CEO of Luko), and Christophe Triquet (ex-founder of MeilleureAssurance) and Arthur Waller (CEO of Pennylane). The first round of funding will allow the startup to accelerate its commercial development and launch new products.

Founded in 2021 by Côme Dartiguenave,Tom Le Bras and Samuel Rosille,the startup motive is to solve the complexity of professional insurance by reconciling large volumes with the need of multiple coverages- customized for very different professions.

The startup’s first offer is aimed at restaurant owners. As per company, it allows customers to purchase insurance directly online in just 5 minutes-without any commitment and essential guarantees. This insurance includes common guarantees (such as water and electrical damage, theft and liability, etc).

Côme Dartiguenave, co-founder and CEO of Orus,said:

We believe that insurance is a social good to protect businesses. SMEs are the lifeblood of our economy and must be able to access the most suitable offer for their needs. Our mission is to create simple, efficient and affordable insurance to allow professionals to focus on what matters.”

Alison Imbert, principal at Partech.

“Orus is tackling the professional insurance market, which is more complex than others due to the multitude of insurance products, but also generates more value. Customers are more loyal and willing to pay a fair price for an efficient and transparent service. It has assembled an exceptional and complementary team to build a competitive product that is tailored to the many needs of its customers.”