After TikTok Instagram Is Not Staying Behind It is Working to Enhance Its E-Commerce Tools Too

September 30, 2021 | 2 minutes read

Instagram has recently announced to add the WhatsApp button to facilitate the Cross-App connection.

Instagram is not staying behind its top competitor TikTok and has recently announced that all businesses can now connect their WhatsApp account to Instagram. This move by Instagram is to facilitate the opportunities for the new connection in the app while also attracting the businesses to enlist themselves on Instagram. This is surely going to support the businesses that yearn for a direct chat with their customers and vice versa.

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Users by connecting their WhatsApp business account will be allowed to add a new WhatsApp connection tab to their Instagram business profile thus providing another way for the customers to get in touch and initiate conversations with the businesses. Instagram is not the first one trying to cash the potential of E-Commerce recently it’s parent company Facebook released the suit of E-Commerce tool. Other than this WhatsApp also added “WhatsApp pay” feature to encourage online transactions. Furthermore,  recently the Instagram’s top competitor TikTok also announced to launch an E-Commerce platform.

Since the pandemic, the trend of buying and selling online has increased exponentially which has also prompted an increase in the development of E-Commerce platforms. And social media examining this massive transformation in the buying behavior of users are trying to attract the maximum number of businesses towards their platforms by the addition of new features and options.