Instagram will let you select your audience during live stream

September 13, 2021 | 1 minutes read

Instagram will now let you select the audience in the live stream.

Instagram, the famous photo-sharing and video-sharing social media networking site is reportedly testing a new feature that will let you select the audience during the live stream.

Instagram is giving the users two options- broadcast to the public or private audience. The practice audience will let you go live with others or with yourself. It is just like a rehearsal before going live. And when you are done testing you can go live to the public.

Consider this or not but the practice option introduced by Instagram is an excellent one especially for the newbies who may need to have second look before going live. 

When this feature will be released?

Honestly, there is no hint of when this feature will be released for everyone. And also there is no official statement yet.  It is up to Instagram anyway that when will this feature release.

But this new feature can aid in soothing the nerves of the creators and brands. This feature was spotted by famous social media consultant and industry commentator Matt Navara.


Instagram is facing heavy competition with Tik Tok and SnapChat literally breathing on its neck. Earlier this year Instagram improved its search results to beat its competitor Tik Tok