Instagram is ready to beat TikTok with enhanced search result

August 26, 2021 | 2 minutes read

Instagram plans to add prominent photos and videos in search results. 

Instagram in its pursuit of beating popular video-sharing Chinese app TikTok has announced that it is going to improve its search results by including videos and photos. The announcement was made by Instagram Head Adam Mosseri. The change will show the grid of photos and videos that a keyword search can pull up alongside results for hashtags and accounts, it is not that different from how TikTok displays the search results.

 The current keyword search in Instagram is quite messy as it doesn’t pull up the results universally or with a relevant collection of photos or videos. According to Verge Mosseri in this regard said that the company is expanding the number of terms starting with English and then building out from there.

Furthermore, he said that this change is part of the “series of improvements designed for inspiration and discovery”. The company has utilized keyword search as a way to offer visual results. For instance, searching a term like “Space” will show suggested videos and photo results along with hashtags and traditional accounts thus encouraging more exploration. 

Image by: Instagram

The improvements in search results should make Instagram more usable than its competitor TikTok. Currently, the platform looks at the text in your Instagram profile and bio, your location, and the caption on posts to determine if your content is related to a given search. The company also filters out the content which is in any way violates its Recommendation Guidelines including topics like semi-nudity, violence, or sexual content, etc.

Instagrams new search results are quite similar to TikTok and this is definitely not a coincidence. As Instagram keeping in view, the rapid growth of TikTok is trying to improve its standards and features. This feature can surely help the App in delighting and retaining users but there is no definite date announced by the company for the release of this feature