Instagram is giving up its  famous “Swipe Up” option

August 24, 2021 | 2 minutes read

Instagram is retiring  its historic “Swipe Up” option in favour of “Link Stickers” on August 30th, 2021.

Instagram is diminishing its “Swipe Up” link in the Instagram stories in favour of stickers. The famous feature has historically served the businesses and creators as a way to connect their Story’s viewers to the website. Where they could learn and know more about the product, read an article, or do anything which the creator wanted  to promote reported by TechCrunch.

Instead of the stickers, these  are called Link Stickers and have been in the process of testing since June among the small number of users,the company says. However these stickers will be available broadly on 30th August 2021.

According to sources, Instagram will include the Link Stickers for the verified  creators and businesses or  who have met the requirement 10,000 followers although Instagram has not publicly verified these numbers.

Link Stickers v/s Swipe Up:

The link stickers hand more control to creators over their stories.

The Link Stinkers, unlike swipe up option, are highly customisable as they let the creators toggle between various styles, and resize the stickers . Creators can  place the sticker anywhere they want for maximum engagement. In addition to all of this, the viewers will now be able to react and reply to posts affixed with the Link Stickers just like any other Story. In contrast to Swipe-Up  that  did not allow feedback on posts.

Instagram says that only people with the Swipe Up option will receive the Link Stickers.But Instagram is still comprehending the roll out of  Link Stickers to more users as it is checking the repercussions and dangers attached with it. Because  Link stickers  in the wrong hands can be used to post spam and spread misinformation.

Instagram is facing increased competition with other similar Apps  Snap Chat and Tik Tok. That’s why it is bringing new features to beat its competitors. However, it is on time to   decide whether this feature will become successful or not. Yet, this feature can be quite useful for content creators and businesses.