Hospitality Tech Startup Ambl Nets €1.2M To Halt Last-Minute Cancellation Culture

June 08, 2022 | 2 minutes read

Hospitality Tech Startup Ambl Nets €1.2 million to battle the  widespread cancellation culture with real-time reservations.

Bringing the technology into action, the London-based Ambl is on a mission to give boost to the hospitality sector by providing consumers with real-time reservations.

Combating the last-minute cancellation culture,  Ambl has collected €1.2 million in its pre-seed round from its extended network which includes investors and serial entrepreneur Mark Gordon.

This fresh injection of funds will help the startup in further enhancement of its product. By testing it across Chelsea and its adjacent areas in August this year.

Also, causing acceleration of its mission to combat the current loss in revenue and fill the empty seats that arise from last minute or same day cancellations. The startup is planning to stir the spontaneous market  representing the changing consumer behavior towards social life. By offering consumer reservation to restaurants and bars in real time.

So whether it’s a last minute work dinner, lunch, a rooftop cocktail at the latest funky or serene hotspot, Ambl can make this all happen. Thus, making it easier for people to find places by empowering the venues to combat last time cancellations while keeping everything quick, easy and most importantly visible to the consumers.

Because of its innovative approach the startup has seen the 400% increase in its employees and is giving a boost to the spontaneous community. In short, reflecting how consumers can now go out and unlock the joy of last minute living.

Founded by the team of three, Aaron Solomon, Jed Hackling, and Bobby Naaem the startup wants to revolutionize how people go out and how it can minimize the loss of revenue causing early closures.

According to the Data from Zonal and CGA, people who do not turn up to reservations made at pubs and restaurants are costing the sector £17.6bn a year. This is one of the reasons  the startups like Spectaflow and now Ambl are bringing technology into play  to prevent the income loss.

As  Aaron Solomon, the CEO and Co-Founder also said:

“Loss of revenue, early closures, and rota nightmares will be a thing of the past thanks to Ambl, which has been designed to give venues the power and the platform to combat the detrimental impact of the last-minute cancellation culture. “

Furthermore, talking about the freedom it offers to users for booking and cancellation of venues. He said

“It’s been created to give consumers the freedom to view and book venues with availability, right here, right now – reducing the headache of roaming around struggling to find availability. Whilst providing visibility to an untapped market for venues.”

Although with this fresh injection of funds the startup will launch its product across London.