Here’s how you can officially turn on the picture in picture feature on YouTube on your iPhone

August 25, 2021 | 2 minutes read

YouTube has delivered what is essentially an experimental feature promised to the viewers back in June. YouTube announced that it will be bringing a picture-in-picture feature for ios users. 

The feature is finally available but for a limited time only and for some users only. It has been rolled for iPhone users who have premium YouTube subscriptions and here’s how you can switch to it if you’re a premium user. 

If you’re a YouTube Premium subscriber, open up a web browser and head to Scroll down to where “Picture-in-picture on iOS” is listed and click “Try it out.” You will be next prompted to sign in to your account. 

Then, you can use the feature when you’re watching something on YouTube. While using YouTube, just navigate away from the app by pressing on the home button or swiping up and the picture in picture feature will start working. You can resume the video on the lock screen by lock screen media controls. 

Picture-in-picture on iOS
Image: The Verge

YouTube says the feature is “Available until 31 Oct,” and there’s no news as to what will happen after this date. The feature was promised to be available for all users regardless of paid subscriptions but seems like we will have to wait for it.