Healthtech Startup Pillsorted Nets $6M To Halt Manual Processing of Prescription

April 27, 2022 | 3 minutes read

The UK-based healthtech startup with the help of smart automation aiming to remove burden of manual processing of prescriptions successfully nets funding of $6 Million.  

Pillsorted combining compassionate care with smart automation has witnessed the seed funding of $ 6M from some of the industry’s robust investors.  Such as Pear VC, Hoxton Ventures, Edison Partners, and the founders of DoorDash.

Automation in the healthcare industry can passionately help in releasing the workload of doctors and other healthcare staff like pharmacists etc. This is one of the main reasons that new startups with innovative ideas are emerging on the horizon to make the healthcare industry more efficient.

For instance, recently a startup named Easocare released its services to organize retail pharmacies. Similarly, another AI startup Roaster Lab with the aim to make roaster building faster especially for healthcare centers gathered funding of NZ$ 500k. Overall there is a list of health tech startups such as Clinical AI, Altibbi, Klinik Pintar and Takalam, etc which are working to make healthcare more accessible for consumers. 

Consider this or not but the mesmerizing effects of different technologies such as AI, ML, and augmented reality are totally transforming the landscape. But Pillsorted was founded in 2019 by Zeinab Ardeshir and also targets the most neglected yet essential healthcare community of pharmacists which is quite applaudable. 

healthtech startup pillsorted
CEO & Co-Founder Zeinab (Samira) Ardeshir. Image Credits Zeinab’s Twitter

With its holistic approach, the startup wants to remove the administrative burden of manually processing prescriptions. Thus freeing up pharmacists to spend more time listening to their patients, explaining how the medication works, and delivering personalized service. 

The platform’s technology makes the pharmacy experience more efficient for patients as well as pharmacists by delivering medicines to patients on time. Other than this, it also allows the patients to have valuable consultation or offer a GP referral where needed. 

Also, by tapping into NHS integrations such as NHS spine, the systematic feedback loop of PillSorted goes from pharmacies back to GPs.

Last but not least the startup also offers digital consultations with pharmacists and has its own delivery fleet.

 Zeinab Ardeshir  talking about  her passion and startup’s vitality for the healthcare industry said

“In the same way that we can now get groceries delivered on-demand, I wanted to create a company that could play a similar role in providing essential medication. Not only does our service make medication deliveries easier for patients, but our pharmacists are also able to review medication regularly and ensure patients are getting the best care possible. PillSorted will play a role in providing preventative healthcare for the community, which is so important given the NHS staff shortages we’re currently seeing.”