HealthTech Startup Patchwork Health Nabs €24M To Fix Global Healthcare Workforce Crisis

August 10, 2022 | 2 minutes read

UK based healthtech Startup Patchwork health nets €24 million to tackle the healthcare staffing crisis

On a mission to unleash the power of flexible working to solve the world over healthcare workforce crisis- the healthtech startup Patchwork health nets €24 million.  In a Series B round led by  Perwyn and backed by Praetura Ventures and KHP Ventures joined by a range of prominent angel investors, including Monzo founder Tom Blomfield and Social Chain Co-founder Dominic McGregor.

Since the pandemic the burden on healthcare systems has increased due to the physicians switching their jobs in search of work life balance. Mainly because of the dire conditions where they have to work more than 100-hours a week leaving them burned out and no life outside work. But deployment of many technologies like AI and ML in the healthcare sector and processes can solve that. Also, the opportunity of automation offered  by technology can assist the doctors in taking care of patients rather than exhausting themselves with small meager tasks. One such startup is Roaster Lab in NewZealand and now another startup Patchwork health has stepped in.

The Co-Founder and CEO, Dr Anas Nader while commenting on the tight schedule of healthcare staff told EU startups

“Healthcare staff are resilient, resourceful and deeply committed to their work. But they’re not super heroes. As the world of work shifts around them, staff are locked into rigid schedules whilst demand escalates. This is pushing clinicians out of healthcare careers as they’re too exhausted to continue. And that heaps further pressure on those who remain. It’s a vicious cycle we can ill-afford.”

Patchwork Health is For Doctors by Doctors

Established in 2016 by NHS medics, Dr Jing Ouyang and  Dr Anas Nader- the healthtech startup is a pioneering healthcare workforce platform.

It offers a tech fueled solution that addresses challenges related to staffing and enables the healthcare teams to manage their permanent and temporary workforce via one fully integrated platform.

For permanent  healthcare staff, Patch work offers rostering software and solutions. Its technology allows staff to have their preferences and needs included in their rota. Crucially, Patchwork also makes this flexibility for clinicians compatible with safely staffed wards by giving rotation managers tools and access to data they require for effective workforce planning.

For temporary workers it offers technology led staff banks- as per startup its solution has radically reduced the reliance on middle man. Instead it gives hospitals the power to increase engagement with existing staff, access new networks of clinicians directly and broadcast all their shifts via an app.

Patchwork has increased its team to over 100, and will further use capital to strengthen its customer facing teams.