Health tech Startup Easocare Is Empowering Retail Pharmacies With Digital Technologies

November 24, 2021 | 2 minutes read

Easocare a Mumbai-based health tech startup is allowing offline medical stores to go online with the aid of SaaS technology. 

The Indian health tech startup Easocare is now enabling offline pharmacies to go online. As it allows the management and organization of pharma retailing. As per the Indian Economic Survey of 2021, 93% of pharma retailing is unorganized, offline pharmacies often face issues that only technology can solve, with the inclusion of fewer discounts, unavailability of medicines, and longer waiting time.

Image Credits: Entrepreneur

The healthtech Saas startup aims to address all these challenges and need gaps via its SaaS offerings. The startup claims that with the exhaustive features and buying options, the user can convert the retail medical stores to an e-pharmacy in minutes. With integrated Whatsapp, the pharmacies can send real-time updates to the customers along with buttons to pay or track orders. The company offers 100+ payment methods. Other than this, the pharmacies can set fixed discounts on stores and can also construct their promo banners with highly customizable banner options offered by the company.

The startup claims that it has more than 2.5 lakh medicines in their online store, pre-loaded to launch immediately. Moreover, the startup develops, hosts, and operates a custom-built OMS and a client-facing application for the retail medical stores. Easocare says that it is serving 100+ medical stores currently.

The transformation in consumer behavior since the pandemic has made the digitization of healthcare centers, hospitals, and pharmacies inevitable. This has also exponentially increased the development of healthcare software and apps in addition to pharmaceutical software.

The global healthcare market was valued at 200 billion US dollars in 2020. And the recent forecast suggests that by 2024 this figure is expected to exceed 500 billion dollars.

In mid of 2021, the Easocare pharmacy kickstarted its subscription-based SaaS platform thus helping the offline chemists and medical stores, hospitals, and warehouses for the expansion of their online business.