Startup Health Leap That Aims To Fight Malnutrition With Clinical AI Assistant Nets Funding of $1.1M

January 07, 2022 | 3 minutes read

The health tech startup powered by AI technology called Healthleap captures the attention of the investors and raised  $1.1M for its clinical AI assistant product called Nutrileap.

Malnutrition among hospitals patients is a grave issue all around the world. Consider this or not but it remains to be the key problem in different regions of the world.

As per the stats, the USA alone has 30% of patients affected by malnutrition. The startup health leap with its mission to end malnutrition among hospital patients has raised $1.1M in its pre-seed funding round led by deep tech investor Fifty years.

 Health leap provides assistance to dietitians working in hospitals. Malnutrition among patients in hospitals has become the reason of utmost concern. It is mainly associated with mortality, morbidity, functional decline, increased hospital costs, and frequent or prolonged hospital delays. The startup says that it is constructing AI-assisted tools for healthcare professionals to better address the problem of hospital malnutrition. That also happens due to deficiency, excess, or imbalance of nutrients in people.  This can have adverse effects on people’s clinical outcomes especially physiology.

The company keeping all these factors in view has developed its clinical AI assistant product named as NutriLeap, which is a mobile app that is HIPAA-compliant. And helps dietitians and will soon offer its services for healthcare providers with automated calculations and suggestions backed by research. With the help of this app, healthcare professionals and dietitians will be able to determine precisely the personalized needs of patients. 

AI technology has exceptionally helped the healthcare industry. And this is one of the main reasons that AI startups especially in healthcare are capturing the eyes of investors. As last year in December Roaster Lab, the  AI startup that helped healthcare sectors and hospitals in roaster building raised NZ $500K. It claims to be 10 times faster than the traditional roaster building method.

The clinical AI assistant Nutrileap right now has 50 dietitians on its private beta program. The company says that it has a waitlist of 1000 dietitians, physicians, and pharmacists. Co-founder, clinical dietitian, and Chief research officer Jemima Meyer told TechCrunch.

“I wanted to help dietitians with the complex clinical calculations that they constantly tailor to each patient case and their changing medical condition.”

Meyer with her brother and CEO Josiah Meyer and CTO Ray Botha standardized the process. This caused the launch of a startup in April 2021.

Health Leap in addition to helping clinical dietitians will soon facilitate the healthcare providers, physicians, hospital pharmacists, and nurses to identify the patients at risk of malnutrition.

It also prescribes daily quantities of the oral, tubes and responds to the patient’s ever-changing needs. The company said it further plans to aid the dietitians to treat patients even after their discharge.