A ‘Hacker-Led’ Cybersecurity Startup Hadrian Nets €10.5M

June 24, 2022 | 2 minutes read

Amsterdam based cybersecurity startup Hadrian gathers seed funding of €10.5M 

Hadrian,  a hacker led cybersecurity startup that offers a SaaS platform which stimulates cyber attack gathers funding of €10.5 million. The seed round was led by HV Capital with participation from Slimmer AI, and angels including Koen Köppen,Niklas Hellman and Adriaan Mol.

In addition to  Hadrian recently other cyber security startups such as Cyscale, Hoxhunt, and Immunefi etc have also fetched huge amount of funding . However, Hadrian is different as its digital security model focuses on automated event-based scanning. It efficiently maps vulnerabilities in an organization and provides critical insights to fortify them. Also, the platform performs scheduled testing and delivers accurate information.

Furthermore, Hadrian instead of checking every part tends to focus on vulnerable areas to asses the weaknesses, digital threats and attack vectors. Because right now, the majority of cyber attacks taking place are more targeted. As recent  cyber security trends also point out  that  have been 69% targeted cyber attacks in recent 12 months.

Developed by team of expert hackers- Rogier Fischer and Chris Power in 2021, the startup allows continuous security validation by running tests on 1000s of digital assets.
Rogier Fischer, CEO at Hadrian, said in a statement:

“Hadrian understands that CISOs and their teams can’t be expected to attend to every potential threat across the attack surface. Our autonomous technology identifies real threats and prioritizes where action is needed, connecting urgent tasks to existing workflow tools and processes so that the important stuff gets handled first.”

Fischer is right as companies cannot attend to each and every cyber security threat as they expand thus becoming more vulnerable. As one report  declares cyber security as #2 global risk  for businesses around globe.