Greentech Startup Traace Nets €2.5M To Aid Companies Monitor & Reduce Carbon Emission

July 05, 2022 | 2 minutes read

Parisian greentech startup Traace gathers funding of €2.5M to aid companies measure their carbon emissions.

Helping companies to measure, monitor and reduce carbon emissions the green tech startup Traace grabs funding of €2.5M.  A member of STATION F’s Future 40 2021 programe, the startup is now backed by Orange Ventures, The Arche Gruppe family office and additional undisclosed investors.

With this funding the startup aims to further strengthen its sales and technical teams as it sets out to garner a larger client base both in France and across Europe.

Founded in the pandemic year of 2020 and based on the premise that carbon emission reduction efforts should be easy for businesses -especially for those who want to inculcate this practice, or are now required to do so.

Being in demand, the greentech as well as climate technologies have become common. And Europe is mainly the budding region for  climate tech startups like  kiko etc.

But this greentech startup is efficient as it collects data from every possible asset across an organization’s value chain. It gathers operational data from each position, purchasing, logistics,energy, waste, transport , and on and on traces it. After the detailed analysis of the data, Traace  then offers clients an action plan. This action accounts for and offers a series  of steps  based  on corporate strategy and  reduction objectives.

The company going a step forward and ramping up the level of complexities, allows to break down carbon footprint depending upon country or by business unit.  This geographic and economic breakdown provides a realistic approach towards practical implementation  of these recommendations. In this regard, Thomas Guyot, co-founder of Traace said

Within the same company, different levers can be used to reduce its footprint, depending on its geographical location, the number of employees, suppliers, etc.” 

Keeping these features provided by this greentech startup in view,  it is evident that it is bound to grow like any other climate tech or green tech startup in the world. As last year depending upon the growth the climate tech the startups  gathered funding of $32 billion.