3D design platform Gravity Sketch secures $33M for 3D objects creation and collaboration

April 20, 2022 | 2 minutes read

Gravity Sketch shifts to metaverse with $33 million allowing designers to create, visualize, communicate, and produce 3D objects

Founded in 2014 by Oluwaseyi Sosanya (Co-founder/CEO), Seyi Sosanya (Co-founder/CEO), Daniela Paredes Fuentes (CXO), and Daniel Thomas (CTO) with the aim to revolutionize the design and engineering process. 

The startup Gravity sketch gathers funding of $33M in a Series A round led by Accel, along with participation from Google Ventures and other existing investors including Point Nine, Forward Partners, and Kindred Capital. Back in 2020, the platform raised £2.9 million. 

The funding will help in

  • Developing LandingPad features to support non-designers stakeholders in the design process during the development cycle of the product.
  • Scaling the company’s sales
  • Enhancing the design creative tools

Platforms like Figma and Miro have brought innovation to 2D designs allowing teams to co-create and communicate inclusively in an online workspace. Gravity Sketch leverages virtual reality headsets allowing designers to create a better product designs. 

Image Source: Tech.eu

Daniela Paredes Fuentes, Chief Experience Officer shared:

-“People sketch to bring ideas into the world, but the problem is that people need to learn to sketch, and that leads to a lot of miscommunication,”- 

She further added the idea is to bring in communication and conversation earlier which makes the designing and manufacturing process less expensive. As there is a lack of communication in the initial design process, the end results are always different than expected. Regarding the lack of communication during the design process, Sosanya shared, “There were so many inefficiencies, that the end result was never that close to the original intent”, Says Sosanya. 

As every industry is stepping into the metaverse, the design companies are also getting shaped by the metaverse to innovate and develop incredible design solutions. The market is becoming flooded with new startups every day that are getting their foot into the metaverse world. Considering the hype around the metaverse, Gravity Sketch took a step forward to take its business to new heights with the concept of the metaverse. 

Seyi Sosanya, co-founder and CEO of Gravity Sketch shared:

-“At Gravity Sketch, our aim is to empower teams to create and communicate their 3D ideas in the quickest and most intuitive ways possible — whether they’re designers or otherwise.”-

Harry Nelis, a partner at Accel shared his reviews:

-“In today’s climate, online collaboration tools have emerged as a necessity for businesses that want to stay agile and connect their teams in the most interactive, authentic and productive way possible, We’re excited to partner with them and help them realise their dream of a more efficient, sustainable and democratic design world.”-