Google’s Alphabet Launches A New Robotics Software

July 26, 2021 | 2 minutes read

Google’s  Alphabet unveiled  the “moonshoot” project to develop a robotics software which could be employed in various industries.

Google has announced this project under the flagship of its parent company Alphabet. The new unit is named as intrinsic by Google.

This is indubitably a big step in the robotics industry as it can benefit multiple businesses and developers.The new unit chief said ,Wendy Tan-White, said in a blog post that “this will be an independent Alphabet company”. 

Aim of the Project:

The new unit chief said ,Wendy Tan-White explicating the aim of the project stated:

“Intrinsic is working to unlock the creative and economic potential of industrial robotics for millions of more businesses, entrepreneurs, and developers.” 

“We’re developing software tools designed to make industrial robots … easier to use, less costly and more flexible so that more people can use them to make new products, businesses and services.”

What is software robotics?

It is a software technology that makes it possible and easy to manufacture,employ and manage the robotics software that can copy human actions in association with digital systems and software.

Achievements of Google in Robotics so far…..

Intrinsic originated from Alphabet X and the project moonshot launched the self driving car Waymo, a self driving car .

This robotics software development  can alter the way in which the manufacturing industry works as it will help in the production of cheap goods. And may provide the industry a shift towards the more equitable way of developing things. The per se robotics software indicates the achievement of the robotics software engineers and the rapidly changing field of robotics.

The new unit chief  Wendy Tan-White  further terming it as a sustainable solution said this can open new economic opportunities and avenues for companies around the globe. 

“Currently just 10 countries manufacture 70 percent of the world’s goods,” she said. “This means most things are made far away from their end consumers, which drives global transport emissions, and many countries and businesses miss out on economic opportunities.”

This software surely creates opportunities for countries to develop goods on low cost.