Google Decides To Revamp Its Fledgling E-Commerce Operation

September 30, 2021 | 2 minutes read

Google decides to overhaul its E-Commerce operation because of the rising growth in the E-Commerce market.

Tech giant Google has decided to revamp its key E-Commerce operations amid rising growth in the E-Commerce market. This change is part of a larger overhaul that Google undertook during the pandemic and this latest change of strategy was announced by Alphabet Inc.

Image Credits: Business Standard

In the announcement, the unit said that it was updating the format and the look of product search pages to feature images of accessories, clothing, and other items similar to digital stores rather than showing users a long list of links and texts. This recent move by Google  of re-modeling E-Commerce strategy can be to compete with Amazon. Another motive for this renovation by Google can be to preserve or attract potential advertisers as E-Commerce platforms all around the world have become great conduits of advertising and  one of the vital platforms to attract customers.Since after the pandemic this trend of online buying and selling has increased  subsequently giving rise to the development of E-Commerce platforms

The importance of E-Commerce can also be assessed from the fact that social media platforms examining the rising trend of online buying and selling are inventing their E-Commerce platforms or are developing new E-Commerce tools. For instance, Facebook has recently announced the suite of E-Commerce tools, WhatsApp introducing “WhatsApp pay” to encourage monetral transaction  from its platform, and also TikTok owner Byte Dance constructing its own E-Commerce platform like Alibaba’s Ali Express.Of course, nobody likes to go to Google to shop but this latest transformation depicts that Google wants to take over the E-Commerce market.

As per Google’s former executives, the Amazon’s acceleration in advertising and marketing activity has rung alarm bells for Google forcing CEO Sundar Pichai to assure that reinvigorating the Google’s declining E-Commerce platform is a priority. It seems like Google has decided that this is the time to fix its own mess because previously the company restarted its digital purchasing strategy at least four times  in two decades and has changed five executives of its E-Commerce operation during this time period.

The tech giant Google and other social media platforms moving towards the E-Commerce market is no wonder because according to  99Firms’ E-Commerce Statistics for 2020, the E-Commerce is going to account for 95% of all purchases by 2040.