Google Meet is getting a Facelift with Smarter Meeting Features

April 23, 2021 | 3 minutes read

New features for Google Meet have been announced and they will make your meetings more engaging now.

Google Meet’s new features are good news for desktop & laptop users. The new Google Meet update includes changes to the video feed, the way meetings are conducted, and the navigation bar too. Though a little late to the party, compared to Microsoft Teams & Zoom, in offering engaging meeting features, they are finally here and they look good. 

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What’s New in Google Meet?

Google Meet’s new look and feel will change the online meeting experience. So let’s talk about the new UI features that will be rolling out soon.

Easy Access to Navigation Icons

One of the new features in Google Meet is that all the necessary navigation icons such as mute, camera on/off, captions, screen share, and raise your hands, are all at the bottom of the screen and you have easy access to all the buttons.

New Host Controls

We also have a bunch of host controls in the new Google Meet update. These include the options to allow participants to share their screen or let them send chat messages. 

New Activities

Google Meet’s all-new look comprises additional activities features as well. For example; in an Educational Plus account, the Activities tab is home to features like breakout rooms, polls, Q&A, and whiteboarding. 

*Whiteboarding is available on the Standard and Fundamentals Educational accounts too.*

UI Overhaul during Presentations

The highlight of Google Meet’s upgraded version is the change in UI while presenting. So what’s new here? 

Google Meet’s new UI will now allow you to adjust the size of the presentation screen. For instance; if you’re a teacher presenting during an online class, you might want to see what the students are up to simultaneously. So if the presentation screen is taking up a lot of real estate on your laptop screen and you cant view the students, you can balance things out

With the new overhaul, you can achieve that with ease. All you have to do is click on the unpin icon while presenting. This will reduce the presentation window size and you will be able to clearly see whether all the students are doing what they are supposed to or if they have a question. Now, if you wish to get a clear view of the presentation again, you simply pin it and this will make the window much bigger again.

The brand new Google Meet layout looks quite appealing. Not only does it enhance the presentation experience but it is also visually appealing with neat and rounded navigation icons at the bottom. Making the overall experience much more engaging and productive.

Google Meet’s new features will roll out sometime next month. InvoZone will keep you informed.