Google launches new Integration with WooCommerce

June 15, 2021 | 2 minutes read

Google recently launched a new integration with Woo Commerce as a part of the continued expansion of its eCommerce offerings. The aim of this integration is make it simpler for users to incorporate their product inventory across the different search and discover platforms of Google.

According to Google: “Making it easier for retailers who work with partners like Woo Commerce to integrate with Google shopping features across Search, Shopping, Image Search and YouTube means that retailers of all sizes will have even more ways to get discovered. And shoppers will have even more choice as they make their shopping decisions.”

WooCommerce Google new integration will allow Woo Commerce sellers to upload their product catalog to Google easily, enabling them to create free ad campaigns and product listings, all from the dashboard of Woo commerce.

Google has also reported to be working on a similar Shopify integration. Shopify is one of the most used apps for consumer shopping, which is why Google is interested to invest more in the platform, allowing customers to get beneficial and relevant results quickly and easily.

Other than this, Google also plans to use images for product searches, just like the len’s tool by Pinterest, along with its development of new AR display tools for eCommerce, among its various evolving tools.

Considering the ubiquity and reach of the platform, we can expect it to become the most-preferred destination for online shopping, which is the reason it’s essential for sellers to stay updated with the latest ecommerce trends to make sure that product discovery becomes more simpler for people.