Google Is Using AI To Improve Search Results

October 01, 2021 | 2 minutes read

Google is incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) in its latest search updates in order to improve search results.

Google in its online event “Search on” has recently announced that it will be applying AI advancements to improve the Google search results. With the inclusion of new technology called Multitask Unified Model (MUM) the company also announced its new features that will aid the searchers to connect with the content, they are searching for.

The company has also launched some interesting AI-powered new features that can help the searchers both broaden and refine their searches. For mobile search users, Google has fulfilled the promise of visual search. Now the users can tap on the Lens icon when looking at a picture and ask Google to find the same thing. For instance, a user is looking at a picture of a shirt and likes the pattern printed on it but wants it on another article of clothing like socks or pants, etc. The user can ask Google to locate this pattern specifically on other clothes. This feature is useful especially when you are looking for something that might be difficult to describe in words. 

Thusly, by combining the texts and images into a single query Google is making it easier to search visually. In addition to this Google is also upgrading its video search, the company is already using AI to identify key moments inside a video but now it will take things further by introducing the new feature that will identify the topics in the video even when the topic is not mentioned in the video. Furthermore, it will also give links that will enable the users to dig deeper and learn more.

Another feature was launched by Google  called “Things to know.” This feature will aid the users to focus on making it easier for people to comprehend the new topic they are searching for. The perse feature, in particular, understands how people explore topics and then shows the web searchers the various aspects of the topic people might be interested in looking at first.

Google using AI technology to improve its search results is not something new. As AI is one of the most efficient technology that has widespread applications in almost every sector and in terms of the tech sector AI technology is extensively being used in the development of mobile applications etc.