Google Incognito Mode now requires biometric authentication:

August 13, 2021 | 2 minutes read

Google brings a new feature which enables you to lock incognito tabs behind your lock screen.And only you can access it with bio metric authentication or security pin.

Google Incognito mode is mostly accessed by users when they want to keep their research history secret. But taking one step ahead  the tech giant has  last month added the bio metric authentication or pin to open the  Incognito mode to further protect the secrecy of information but this feature was only available on iOS phones. But now Google is going to extend this feature to android phones as well.

No.. not available right now:

The  new flag in Chrome Canary 94 will enable this option which requires the bio metric scan or PIN to get access to the previously opened tabs. But this toggle is right now hidden in the chrome: flags under the “ Enable device re-authentication for Incognito ”. Unfortunately, the feature cannot be enabled from the privacy menu in Chrome even in Canary. It is only available in Chrome for iOS.

How can you enable it?

Android users right now don’t have access to this feature but  via Chrome for iOS we can see how it works.After restarting the app it appears in the “Privacy” section in the settings although the re-authentication option  is also hidden under the flag on i Phones. And upon enabling, the pre-existing tabs will  require Face ID scan before granting the access.

Present in  iOS Image:Android Police
Incognito mode in iOS requiring face ID Image:Android Police

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