Google Drive Security Update expected to leave old Google links Inaccessible

June 24, 2021 | 2 minutes read

Recently, Google announced that it’s planning to release a Google drive security update that would make drive file sharing on Google more secure. However, this update is expected to cause a lot of old google drive links to be broken. 

The Google drive security update is expected to roll out on 13th September, later this year. To make sharing more easier and secure a resource key will be added to Drive. So, what would happen to the links that already exist online? The links that have been accessed before the update releases will not be affected, and would still be accessible. But, the ones that are not would require a resource key.

However, the update isn’t mandatory. Some administrators and users can choose to not apply the update to ensure that the old links can still be accessed.

But it is still recommended by Google that admins and users go for the update since it would help increase the platform’s security, and hence, opting out would result in great security risks for the users. The company suggests ignoring the update only for the files that are posted publicly.

Other than this, Google will also release some updates for Youtube that are expected to break some old links. From July 23rd, unlisted videos that were uploaded before 2017 on Youtube would be made inaccessible unless users choose to opt out.

The videos would be shifted to private mode, which would lead to broken links. Only 50 Google account users would be allowed to access the content. Users that don’t want to upload their videos again would be required to fill up a form starting July.