Global spending on mobile gaming up by 40% in Q1 2021

June 22, 2021 | 3 minutes read

According to a recent report by App Annie, the number of mobile gaming downloads boosted immensely with the onset of the pandemic, as the need for people to look for online entertainment increased due to the lockdown.

However, even though the situation has started improving, the high demand for mobile games still persists. As per the findings of App Annie, mobile analytics and data provider, in the first quarter of 2021, 30% more mobile gaming downloads were recorded – with spending up by 40%, as compared to the fourth quarter of 2019. Moreover, in the first quarter a whopping amount of $1.7 billion per week was spent on mobile game downloads.

Image credits: App Annie/IDC

This is a recorded increase of 40% as compared to the pre-pandemic period.

“When we move to post-COVID, when we’re really moving around, that could slow things down a little bit. But nothing suggests that in the data so far. We actually see gaming probably taking an opportunity to be much more directly competitive with entertainment. You can see where Netflix is going, as it is going into gaming. There’s also a big platform for gaming,” said Ted Krantz ,App Annie CEO, in an interview with GamesBeat. 

For Q1 2021, the largest number of game downloads was led by Germany and the U.S in the Waster European and North American markets. Whereas, in the rest of the world, outside the pacific region, the growth was led by Turkey and Saudia Arabia. 

The games with the highest earnings were Lords Mobile, PUBG, Lineage M, and Roblox. Not only were these games played the most, but consumers willingly spent more on in-app purchases in these games as well.

Image Credit: App Annie/IDC

Other than this, there was also a surge in simulation and hyper casual games. Hyper casual accounting for (+6.7 percentage points) growth in market share, kids games with (+1.0 percentage point), simulation games with (+0.6 percentage points), and racing games with (+0.3 percentage points).

Image Credits: App Annie/IDC

“With hypercasual, there are definitely more opportunities on the advertising side than has ever been before, as they begin to cultivate those new audiences and open up more opportunities to monetize them,” he said.