For The Fulfillment Of Ecommerce Services, A Polish Startup Omnipack Lands Funding Of €7.5M

February 25, 2022 | 2 minutes read

Omnipack, a Polish startup for the fulfillment of ecommerce services raises  €7.5M and aims to make it faster, cheaper, and easier for ecommerce businesses to sell their products all around Europe.

The global eCommerce market by the end of this year is forecasted to reach a value of $5.55 trillion.  This exponential rise in the ecommerce market is because of the accessibility, convenience, and efficiency it has brought for its users. The increased number of users has also caused the surge in the demand for eCommerce software and mobile app development. 

As per the stats, there are 3.4 billion ecommerce users worldwide and figures suggest that the number of users is going to increase. To get some load off the ecommerce companies’ shoulders there are some startups that are providing software to manage different stuff from warehouse management to data. 

One such startup is Ominpak situated in Poland. The startup has recently raised €7.5 million in a seed funding round led by Flashpoint. The startup is also supported by early-stage VC fund SMOK ventures.

Founded in 2017 by Tomek Kasperski who is now CEO, Rafal Szczesniwski is now CLO and Karol Milewski is now CRO. The ecommerce fulfillment startup allows the users to directly control and manage all their operations. It provides its users with Merchant Portal to put all their business-critical data in one place and then access it whenever and wherever they want. Furthermore, Omnipack also provides cutting-edge fulfillment software to put its users in control of all their services with the inclusion of warehouse and delivery, etc.

The startup gives “Amazon grade” experience and carries out the wider mission of supporting businesses to grow without any hindrance. And this fresh injection of funds will help the startup to top up its operations more and expand all around Europe. Omnipack is also hiring a new team.

The company also became an operations partner of ShipBob this year. And also cooperates with Amazon roll-up Factory14 to leverage its experience in procuring and operating digital businesses to scale brands with products in high growth niches as per the international trends.