FoodTech Startup Project Eaden, Called The “Tesla of Sustainable Food”, Nabs €8M

June 30, 2022 | 2 minutes read

Berlin based  foodtech startup Project Eaden gathers funding of €8M to create sustainable food by bringing technology into play.

The FoodTech industry in Europe is booming in all of its categories from agritech  to food delivery companies. The food industry has truly leveraged the power of technology to expedite its day to day processes like packaging, manufacturing and delivery etc.

To facilitate the food industry by fully harnessing the power of technology the food tech startups associated with delivery such as Peckwater, for personalized meal plan Calo have emerged. But agritech startups are also gaining pace-some of the famous ones are CODA farm and Glife. But one such unique foodtech startup which aims to provide food sustainability by bringing technology into play is Project Eaden.

The newly formed German food tech startup also announced an  €8 million seed round led by Sweden-based venture capital firm Creandum. Joined by Shio Capital Magnetic,  Atlantic Food Labs, Trellis Road and prominent Angel investors.

Project Eaden is willing to create a wide range of never-seen-before food products with a focus on the alt beef category.

Jan Wilmking, Project Eaden Co-founder & Managing Director, told vegconomist about the project’s foundation.

“The more I learned about about climate change, the more worried I got. But over time it became clear to me how to do my bit: meat, especially beef is such a huge and growing problem.  And it is a field where David, Hubertus, and I found a promising, tech-driven and scalable solution.”

He further said:

“Our platform technology enables sustainable food products that have the potential to conquer the human hard-wired cravings for meat. It is highly scalable, can lead to attractive consumer prices, and broad adoption.”

Project Eden, called the “Tesla of sustainable food” , is using technology to manufacture a range of new products. Their mission is to make sustainable food scalable especially in this time of climate crisis.

In addition to negate the effects of climate change, with food tech Europe has  also become a breeding ground for many climate tech startups.

Project Eden plans to enhance its propriety tech and ready its products with plans to hit the shelf in 2023.