Whatsapp’s “Message reaction” feature is amazing: Here is the first look

September 06, 2021 | 2 minutes read

This feature will allow the users to react to a text message using an emoji

WhatsApp’s new  “Message reaction feature that is quite similar to Instagram and Facebook would allow the users to react to a text message using emoji.

Image Credits:WABetaInfo


The feature seems quite similar to  Facebook or Instagram. Furthermore, reactions will not be hidden in group chats and everyone in the group will be able to see who has reacted with which emoji just like Facebook. The feature works by linking the application even if the user’s phone is without an internet connection. 

According to WABetaInfo says this feature is being tested for iOS and Android devices but is not currently available on the beta version of both platforms. WhatsApp is also working hard on chat bubbles on iOS as well. The new bubbles are older than the large ones and they look more modern too. 

WhatsApp has brought this innovation to give its users a real-time experience in terms of noting reactions whilst in solo chats or group chats. The trend of using applications among people is increasing day by day. It is true that life without mobile applications is unimaginable. On-demand apps, socializing applications, and educational applications have made their due place in our everyday life and this trend of mobile applications is not going to abort anytime soon.