Fintech Sagewealth Making Sustainable Investing Simple Bags €500K

August 24, 2022 | 2 minutes read

Fintech startup SageWealth has secured  €500K in pre-seed funding.

Berlin based fintech startup SageWealth has gathered funding of €500K from influential investors such as Dr. Marta Ra, founder of Women in Sustainable Finance, and Marie Louise Seelig, founder of CrossLend. Also, including backers Till, founder of, Hans, founder of Clue, and Aleks, founder of Penta.

Fintech Landscape is Booming

The Fintech landscape in Europe is quite booming mainly because of financial inclusion.  Also causing the disruption of the banking industry-as per stats the fintech market value by the end of this year is expected to reach $309.98 billion.  Witnessing this exponential growth many startups have also sprung up in the fintech market such as Flow, Nexta , Zwya , kevin , and Almond etc.

Sagewealth Is Fintech For Good

Now this fintech startup Sagewealth founded in 2020, with its innovative idea is bringing digital financial advice and sustainable investing to ambitious investors and ethical millennials. Its aim is to get this generation to invest in their financial future in a way that leaves a positive impact for society. Founders  Marco Vega Seeberger and Sana Al-Badri as activists discovered that sustainable investing is 27 times more impactful than changes in behaviors.

With an aim to blend digital financial advice, banking and investing with the sustainability for ethical millennials. It helps the clients at each and every step guiding them towards making the right financial decision. Thus, analyzing each situation and creating a personalized plan plus putting this plan into action with sustainable investing-so that their clients can finance their life goals.

Until this fresh injection of funds, the startup was bootstrapped and had no marketing budget. However, the startup aims to use investment to further develop financial life planning tools and provide investments with robust sustainability criteria for ETFs.

By helping millennials get into investment space and put their investment to use, the startup exercises the  potential make difference.