Fintech Startup Payme Has Launched Its Services In Europe

December 29, 2021 | 2 minutes read

Fintech startup Pay me which was initially developed in 2015,  has now expanded its services in the European market.

Israel-based Fintech startup Pay me has launched its services in the European market.  And aims to serve small businesses thus enabling them to integrate financial products into their systems. Such as alternative means of payments, credit clearing, fraud detection, and other services. 

The startup intends to revolutionize the European finance market and is also expanding globally, providing financial services to more than 70,000 businesses. According to the startup, they have a unified approach towards traditional and alternative payment solutions together with an array of pre-integrated and automated services. Thus, giving their Fintech solution a seamless and customer-centric digital experience.

 Furthermore, by obtaining their services the startups can offer this solution to their clients with the inclusion of digital onboarding, credit card processing,  and online & offline POS solutions. Their services can help companies in increasing their profits as merchants can include markup fees, allowing the businesses to generate over ten times more revenue from existing customers.

The startup is currently helping 200+ partners and providing a suite of financial and payment facilities to 40,000+ merchants globally. One of the main reasons that Fintech startups are expanding their markets is because of the rapid growth in this industry. As of next year, the Fintech market will reach $310billion. The cost-effective financial services provided by fintech to small and mid-level businesses have led to the development of fintech apps and software too. Thus helping the startups especially associated with fintech to expand their horizons.

The startup is right now in Tel Aviv but aims to expand its services. CPO and Cofounder Adam Kogan talking about the startup services said:

“It’s very hard to build your own financial services, PayMe currently provides financial services to more than 70,000 businesses worldwide. Everyone wants to be a one-stop-shop, and we help them achieve that within the financial space.”

Story Credits: The Jerusalem Post