Fintech Startup FlowX.AI Raises $8.5M In Seed Funding

November 10, 2021 | 2 minutes read

FlowX.AI- a  fintech startup that helps banks and financial institutions with complicated IT infrastructures and solutions has raised $8.5M in seed funding.

FlowX.AI, the startup that aims to accelerate the digital transformation in financial institutions without changing their existing technology has recently attracted big investors. The funding round was one of the biggest in Europe this year and was led by PortfoLion. Other investors participating in the event were Day One Capital, along with the SeedBlink investment platform.

FlowX.AI aids financial institutions in creating unified, omnichannel employee and customer experiences without altering their already present systems and infrastructure. The platform enables the banks and other financial institutions to initiate complex solutions like mortgage, preapproved lending, onboarding in only ten weeks. The fintech software and apps are highly efficient and are helping the financial sector all around the globe to increase their efficiency and efficacy.
Image Credit: Business Insider

The company serves in various sectors like Telco, Power and Utility, and CPG industries to assist in acquiring digital-driven revenue and accelerate innovation. 

Another notable feature in this fintech startup is that their AI-driven UI generator and ZeroRedeploy technology allows to instantly change the functionality across all the platforms like web, mobile, and in-branch for other customers and employees. The fintech platform indicated that the seed funding will help the company in the expansion of its data science team.

FlowX.AI was founded by Ioan lacob and Radu Cautis in 2020. The company commenced its operations in 2021. loan Iacob, FLOWX.AI CEO, and co-founder regarding the funding said:

“This seed funding, less than a year after starting FLOWX.AI, proves that the problem we address is massively painful – legacy infrastructure is holding back enterprises from growing. This financing will support us in extending our offering globally, to giving companies back the freedom to build to more – together with our expanding network of global consulting and system integration partners”.