Fintech Claimer To Make Claim Process of Tax Credits Easy Nets $4.2M

September 14, 2022 | 2 minutes read

London based fintech startup Claimer gets  $4.2M to help firms claim government financing in just 10 minutes.

To make the process of claiming tax credits easy and efficient the fintech startup Claimer nets funding of $ 4.2M. In a round led by Project A Ventures, witnessing participation of Moonfire Ventures, and Also including top tier angel investors-Errol Damelin (co-founder of Wonga), Matt Clifford (chairman of Advanced Research and Invention Agency), Ian Hogarth (ex-CEO of SongKick), Harry Briggs (partner at OMERS Ventures). And other follow-on investors TrueSight Ventures and Ben Holmes (ex-Index Ventures).

Global Fintech Industry is Growing

In recent years,  the fintech industry has grown exponentially providing innovative solutions to the companies in need. Thus increasing the efficiency of their financial processes consequently decreasing their dependency on lethargic banking and taxation systems.

Also playing huge role in the promotion of  financial inclusion and as per stats, the fintech market is expected to reach the value of $305 billion by 2025.

Claim Tax Credits With Fintech Startup Claimer

Claimer with an aim to make the taxation credit claim system efficient is comparatively old in the market. Some of the new startups in the town are Nexta, Flow, Kadmos and mmob etc.

Claimer  therefore old in the industry was founded in 2019 by Andrew Easter and Adam McCann-making the experience of claiming innovation incentives faster and 10 times easier. Resultantly, giving businesses and startups more time to focus and more finances to build their business.

Startups claims that more than 350 venture-scale startups have trusted Claimer with their R&D tax claims, availing millions of pounds of relief with 100% success rate. And with this influx of funds the startup wants to scale up its operations in UK.

Claimer CEO Adam McCann in regards to slow process R&D claim industry said

“The R&D claim industry is broken. Claimer’s vision is to accelerate innovation globally by eradicating this opacity and complexity between tech companies who need to claim incentives and governments who want to issue them. This seed funding round enables us to continue to scale in the UK and plan our launch into a second market in the near future.”